Ecclesiastical competition?

While the world's hungry eye is drawn towards the dying pontifex maximus in Rome, there is a more interesting story unfolding in a remote corner of the roman-catholic empire by the name of Röschenz. This is the parish of unruly priest Franz Sabo, who allegedly went public with dissenting opinions on several issues. Consequently, the local bishop withdrew his missio canonica, his license to preach, whereupon he duely would have to be sacked by his parish.

However, the powers to be did not take into account the revolutionary spirit of the parish! Apparently, the parishioners are standing by their priest and now, they are even considering to defect from the roman-catholic church to join the dissenting christian-catholic faction. Today, it transpires that the roman-catholic bishop has written an angry letter to his christian-catholic counterpart, accusing him of mingling in internal affairs. Apparently, somebody is getting nervous ...

One wonders whether this is a reënactment of Kulturkampf on a local scale in the 21st century, or simply ecclesiastical competition? Whatever it is - I like it. Nothing like a good argument to get people actually thinking!

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