In Our Time

The BBC is experimenting with their own podcast of sorts: Apparently for a limited time, they are publishing In Our Time as an mp3 on an RSS feed. The current programme on Stoicism is really good: The group discusses modern utopias and dystopias in a laid back, yet very thoughtful way. Just one little gem from the debate for you to think about: Nazism and Communism contaminated imagination.

As for the format of pushing audio (formerly know as radio) programmes on an RSS feed, I think that's a brilliant idea! Because of this programme's utter professionalism, it's definitely not like your garden variety of a podcast, that's for sure. But why should it have to be? I think of it as a way to remind you of radio programmes you do not want to miss. You just subscribe to the feed - no more fiddling with timetables, tape recorders, or archives and stuff. The programme you're after is just one click away, where you expect it & whenever you want it. This could very well be the "radio" programming of the future! Way to go, dear Beeb!

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Joel said...

This is further evidence of the benefits of the BBC working in a non-commerical environment. For more than a year they have made an archive of their past week's broadcasts on all channels available to everyone at www.bbc.co.uk/radioplayer I've found it an invaluable to keep in touch with my favourite programmes whilst travelling.

Once a tool to 'scrape' the archive for a particular timeslot becomes available, you could create your own RSS feed. It shouldn't be too long before all of the BBC's recent archive becomes available, not just the past week: mainly a lack of capacity at the moment, I understand.