In a special edition Issues 2005, Newsweek asks whether our generation is measuring up to the leadership examples set by the likes of Churchill, JFK and FDR.

Naturally, the answers given are mixed. Most surprising to me is the one given by Churchill biographer Martin Gilbert, namely that time (and the consequent release of archives) will tell that B&B did indeed have what it takes. I simply cannot follow the comparisons he draws!

Far more accessible is Zbigniew Brzezinski (being in Poland helps to spell that correctly!) closing remarks:"Roosevelt, Churchill and Truman at one point were each politically very divisive and personally even despised figures. Yet each transcended himself when confronted by an almost apocalyptic encounter with destiny. So let us hope." I am having trouble sharing that hope, I am afraid, and that's for a simple, almost trivial reason: The current president has become divisive & despised after his not that apocalyptic encounter with destiny ...

Oh, and don't overlook the article on the leadership exercised by Alpha-Bloggers. Now, would you link to my blog already - PLEASE! ;-)

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