Who's next? Lazarus?

Just saw Seabiscuit (I know, not the freshest off the shelf), and it is one great, uplifting movie! It's about a loser horse (small, gluttonous, sleepy), a loser jockey (tall as far as jockeys go, half blind, broken leg), a loser coach (type stoic, sensitive loner, horse whisperer) and a loser millionaire in a loser period (Great Depression) - you get the picture. And naturally, against all odds, they turn out winners. Just the kind of thing you need to end a depression - and apparently, that was a true story.

The film is particularly remarkable for three reasons. First, I've hardly ever seen such a detailed, complex exposition. But without it, we'd have been lost. Second, the soundtrack is amazing. Extended periods of - silence! Quite unheard of in Hollywood. And finally, wonderful use of allegory.

Absolutely worth your while!

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