Beyond redemption

OK, it is official now. I am stupid. Beyond redemption.

What caused this unusual bout of self-depreciation? Well, ever since playing around with iChat, Skype and other audio chatting systems, I've been dissatisfied with the sound quality provided by my setup, so I considered getting one of those USB headsets.

I did NOT think however of the bluetooth headset that I've had sitting around for ages! Until now! And it works! Yay!

But now for something completely different. This is actually a birthday post to commemorate the 1st anniversary of this weblog! One year ago today, I started blogging - and I am still going strong. Unfortunately, blogger.com's statistics are currently turned off, so I cannot tell you how many posts there are, but I've got another statistic: Since starting the blog counter on August 25th, I've had 5022 unique visits (excluding myself), so this blog has had 22 visitors per day on average during that period. Lately though, the average looks more like 60, and that's not counting the subscribers to the RSS feed. So, thank you for your attention & your comments - keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your 1st anniversary, and many happy returns :-).

Joel said...

Bravo! Happy birthday