The Empire Strikes Bush

Evidently, I am not alone in noticing the anti-Bush political message of Star Wars III. Also, listen in to #22 of the Theory of Everything podcast - there's a funny narrative about a disappointed republican Yoda!

It is also interesting to read that the war on terror strategy is being reviewed just now. Against all odds, I hope that this review will not only take into consideration the terrorists' more diversified tactics, but also the increasing abuse of the war on terror label at both the domestic as well as the foreign policy level. Interesting to see for instance that in the context of the recent violent oppression of an Uzbek uprising, the much heralded freedom rhetoric took second stage to tactical considerations on said war.

Maybe it's time to end the war on terror (not lowering the level of attention, of course), or to define clearly delimited war objectives. Otherwise, the US might end up in a 1984 situation where an unspecified world war serves as background and pretext for the establishment of a totalitarian system. Mind you, we're certainly not there (yet?), but there are plenty of alarming signs.

On a lighter note, a minor blogical (nice word, that!) problem arose in the context of this post: If a small additional item regarding an earlier post comes up, should it be added as a postscriptum to the earlier post, or should a new post be created, linking back to the earlier one? I think the latter solution is the better one, so that's what I do.

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