Home, sweet home

It's about time that I start posting again - after all, I am back home after my trips to Philadelphia and Vienna. Both of them went very well, although it would be overdoing it if I said the return trip from Philly went smoothly. Arrival at the airport 45 minutes before scheduled departure for an international flight is a bit tight in all honesty - but there is one of the odd advantages of flying first class...

Anyway, here's a great site linking to Swiss widgets - very useful. Oh, and I hate the MPAA for shutting down btefnet - now I'll have to look for a different source for the trackers of the remaining episodes of 24 - Grrr!!

In other Swiss news, the Apple iTunes music store has finally opened - visit your local installation of iTunes now!

More on Switzerland: There is a group called Police against Schengen which opposes the Swiss ratification of the Schengen treaty on June 5. They are free to do that, of course. But what really makes me angry is that they thought they had to do it disguised! Those guys are spineless cowards who are not worthy to be part of the force. They need to be identified and disciplined. Surprisingly, I am not the only one with that opinion: An formal inquiry will be started next week.
By way of Tobistar.

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Judge Jonathan said...

1. Welcome back
2. Same trouble here - wanted to download Monday's episode yesterday but nothing worked! Let me know when you find a way to download the remaining eps. (I have no time for that kind of stuff - exams start tomorrow!)
3. Those policemen, surprise surprise, were fake.