Summer is definitely here, although technically, it may be a bit premature. Nice nonetheless! The temperature displayed on the weather widget is even a couple of degrees short!
Yesterday night, I went to see Three Miles Off, a Basle jazz quartett with (among others) Oliver Friedli on the piano and Alex Hendriksen on the sax at the culturium. I saw it mentioned in the paper and was wondering what Alex was up to these days, or nights as is probably more appropriate for a jazz musician. Well, it was great fun! They are playing a lot of Oliver's own music, which is a good combination of progressive and cool (I am probably wrong there). I am certainly looking forward to their new CD which will be hitting the market on September 9. I would no doubt point you to their website as well, if they had one, but what I can do is link to Alex' future website, once his brother gets moving ...

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