A civilised place

London is without a doubt one of the most civilised places in the world that I know, although I'll never know quite how it manages to pull off that aura. In between two passing thunderstorms, I walked back from a very nice dinner at the Garrick Club to Over-Seas House in St. James's tonight, and despite of giving off the restless vibes of a metropolis, the place appears to maintain its peace. Rather embarrassing though having to borrow a tie from the porter's in order to comply with Club rules, even more so taking into account my short sleeved shirt...

It was wonderfully calming however later on to sit at the bar in front of an open door overlooking a thunderstorm passing over St. James's Park while studying some accounting documentation (just don't comment). Yet, in spite of the apparent peacefulness of the place, shops are bustling with Sales-induced business, which I have taken advantage of as well, of course. I actually got Seasons 1-3 of Six Feet Under, which i am very much looking forward to watching. Tomorrow will be a full day of meetings, to be followed by my first Friends of ROSL Arts Garden Party, which I am looking forward to. More meetings on Thursday, hopefully to be concluded by a visit to the Churchill Museum and a quiet pre-flight pint with J.

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Joel said...

Welcome to London, a city that inspires love and despair for me. I'm very excited to be heading back for a fortnight next week.

Look forward to your report on the Churchill Museum, and Churchill himself. Enjoy your trip!