Starfrosch has issued a fun podcast on the subject whether Dub enhances milk production in cows (up to 10% guaranteed!) - cool listening with subtly (well, maybe not) ironic comments in heavily accented German, making fun of our occasional agricultural backwateriness. Have fun!

On the matter of cows: My home village is hitting the news (subscription)! Actually, this one is not funny: Last Friday, a cow has been mutilated at her udders. This is already the third such incident in the region in the last couple of days, with the previous incidents involving similar attacks on horses. Sick bastards! But what's even more worrying is that psychiatrists say that these could be precursory acts of a sick mind, gathering courage for the real thing, an attack on a human. Let's hope they're wrong and the bastard can be caught.

In fact, this place is having a string of negative news lately: There are two well known chemical waste disposal sites in the immediate French neighbourhood, which Greenpeace is now pushing for a decontamination of. Since those sites appear to have been inert ever since their dump in the 50ies & 60ies, the locals (including myself) have been pretty mum about it. But I guess it's better if it gets taken care of, seeing that I live only a few hundred meters downstream ...

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