A good Sunday

Well, this was a good Sunday, all in all. First, all the referenda went my way, both in the borough as well as in the country as a whole: The accession to the Schengen & Dublin treaties passed rather comfortably just as well as the new law on domestic partnership & two other cantonal matters of far less consequence. To make it even more satisfactory, the rate of participation was unusually high. So all is well, and for once, those loony scaremongerers didn't get their way.

To celebrate, have a look at this bit of satirical Swiss TV (German & DivX) which actually is quite good! (via timbuk2)

And then, we got to belatedly celebrate my sister's birthday in her garden. The weather may not have been quite as nice as it could have been, but it was great fun regardless! Pity that my nephew Tomi wasn't there - while he wasn't elected, he still made a respectable 3491 votes for the Green Party in the Basle elections for the citizens' council. Congratulations!

Oh yeah, & don't forget, while today's referenda may be over, I still want your opinion on introducing English as the 5th language of the country in Switzerland!

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