Quality newspaper

Now that the high drama surrounding the court proceedings concerning a strange US pop star's even stranger personality seems to have blown over in a huge non-sequitur, it is time to evaluate your preferred newspaper's attitude towards it and infer its quality orientation. There are three rough approaches:
  • Go with the flow irrespective of what the flow is worth. Consequently, aforementioned affair is frontpage material.
  • Recognise that the subject matter is next to irrelevant and certainly not international news, but be cognisant about the general public's interest in a past world star's fate and thus relegate it to Miscellany.
  • Ignore it altogether due to its irrelevance.
  • Being a bit of a fundamentalist occasionally, I personally sympathise with the last approach, but I can see that a quality paper (or editor) should go for the second one. Needless to say that my paper (NZZ) did and earned itself yet another mark of distinction. The prize for editorial ridicule goes to Telebasel, our (successful) backwater local TV station which did indeed think it necessary to regurgitate the topic, too! How do you rate your paper?

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