Name rings a bell, does it? It certainly did for me just now when I came across a reference to Biggles-style goggles. Nostalgia-time, big time! Captain James Bigglesworth a.k.a. Biggles is the hero of a wartime series of children's books featuring the adventures of the fighter pilot hero all around the globe. Back in highschool, when geeky me was auxiliary school librarian, I raided the shelves for every available tome of that series - back then, in German of course. Dashing good read it was, too, if I recall correctly, and not putting too much weight on the occasional imperialist (sic!) jingoism. That's probably why it would come across as rather dated nowadays - and yet, there is the International Biggles Association!


Joel said...

Biggles was translated into German? Algy and Ginger would be turning in their graves.

Chris said...

Don't tell me you've read Biggles, too?!

Yes, surely, they'll be rotating like a Camel's propeller knowing that the Huns can read them now! ;)