You have to watch yesterday's Rocketboom, it's hilarious!! And since it's totally easy to subscribe to on iTunes, you might just go for it anyway.

In other news, I've been to the chiropractor's for the first time today. She found out that my left shoulder is quite the cramped wreck, which is the main reason for its limited flexibility. But she says she'll be able to work it out, and I believe it! She made me lie down on something that looked very suspiciously like a torture instrument & moved my head around, which resulted in some very weird cracking sounds deep within. But if felt good - highly commendable!


Anonymous said...

also da mein englisch nicht so gut ist, schau ich im dixxi nach und sehe wreck heisst:
1. wrack (a.fig. Person)
2. be wrecked zerschellen Schiffbruch erleiden
3. Hoffnungen etc zunichte machen wreckage s. trümmer wrackteile pl. wrecker s motAm. abschleppwagen m.
ja sag mal wie bist du da als wrack nach hause gekommen im abschleppwagen????

Chris said...

Keine Sorge, ich bin schon als Wrack hingegangen - ich hab's bloss nicht gewusst!

Anonymous said...
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