Sour grapes

You know that the sour grape season (a.k.a. sour cucumbers, if translated directly from the German) is in full swing when there's a rather longish report on Swiss TV prime time news about Economiesuisse's efforts to promote online the campaign in favour of the forthcoming referendum on free movement of persons, or Personenfreizügigkeit, as it were, but by using the opponent motto in a kind of trap: Personenfreizügigkeit Nein. The only problem with that smart move is that the site is not found by Google etc - only the opponents' real sites. But since I am all for it, I'll help by linking to it in this post. Maybe other supportive bloggers will also?

Since we're in media critical mood, let's add yet another useless bit: It was mentioned on the radio today that Deutschlandradio Kultur would be broadcasting in Swiss German in celebration of the Swiss national holiday on 1 August, but that this station unfortunately could not be received in Switzerland. What they forgot to mention of course is that the station has a live stream available in a number of formats.

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