War of the Worlds

Yesterday, I went to see War of the Worlds with A & R. But I already forgot all about it, so only go see it if you want to have a 2 hours amnesic blank in your memory.

Trying to be a little bit more specific, the film doesn't add anything to what its Wellesian predecessor has already shown us about Wells' novel. It's really just an updated version with better special effects, contemporary gear, mediocre acting & a dysfunctional family story as an aside. Plus it probably brings the church of scientology a windfall of a million or two, so it's really quite redundant. The only positive is that its a rather authentic remake of a sci-fi classic which will probably give lots of teachers of English the opportunity of having a few low preparation intensity classes & a pleasant outing ...

Here is the famous 1938 wireless (i.e. radio!) broadcast by Orson Welles, which notoriously created a panic across the US because of its authenticity.

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