Glenn Gould sur TV5

Darn! I just discovered accidentally that French CNN TV5 seems to be broadcasting a series of programmes about & with the greatest classical pianist of all times, Glenn Gould! I already stumbled across the programme last Saturday, and with today's repetition it becomes a series.

Gould is best known for his Bach interpretations and his very early refusal to participate in the concert circus. Unfortunately he died in 1982 already, thus missing the advent of the internet on the music scene. I am convinced that he would have taken full advantage of all the possibilities that the new medium creates for musicians like him.

The current programme Glenn Gould the alchemist contains a fascinating part where Gould directs the production of a Scriabin piece that he's recorded earlier with 5 sets of microphones distributed throughout the studio with increasing distance to the piano, thus giving him the possibility of "zooming" in & out of the sound accoustically, just like a camera would. I've got to see the rest of those programmes!

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