Commander in Chief - Mrs. President

In a few hours on ABC, Commander in Chief will go on air for the first time. It's the story of the first female US president. That in itself & the public reactions thereto will be quite interesting, especially since the series puts some meat on the abstract concept for the benefit of a broader audience, perhaps in preparation for Hillary C.? Just the thing the Germans should have done a few months ago instead of the rather pathetic & untimely Du bist Deutschland-campaign, which will be utterly ineffective in these times of political chaos & has a rather distasteful collectivist undercurrent to it. Could those pundits really be right who insinuate that a considerable part of the German electorate did not choose CDU/CSU because their candidate for chancellor is a woman? Is Germany really that immature? In that broader context, the latest episode of the BBC's Talking Movies programme was very interesting: It deals with the state's influence on Hollywood (and vice versa). But this is about as heavy as film gets on the Captain's channel: Don't miss today's episode of rocketboom - it's hilarious!

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