Eschenmoser Warranty

The other day, I returned a 4 years old digital pair of scales to electronics discounter Eschenmoser where I had purchased it. The thing was fairly expensive as far as scales go, but it never really worked properly, what with it being a rather early model I guess. Since it was a real nuisance to lug around, I postponed returning it, knowing that I had a very generous warranty of 10 years on it anyway.

But there's the rub: Eschenmoser accepted that it wasn't working properly right enough, but since it was an old model, they couldn't replace it in kind. So they proceeded to refund the purchasing price minus a third because of its age - or so they thought. But that's where they hit on the wrong customer, of course. As the terms of warranty make no mention of time value replacement, I refused to accept that refund and made a general fuss about it. After a bit of that and demanding to speak to management, the clerk came around without much more ado & refunded the full price. So, never give in to unfair terms thrust upon you - it pays!

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