Orange fails me

Hopefully, this is not a bad omen for the service quality I am set to receive with my new mobile operator Orange: The transfer of my subscription was scheduled for today at 0955h, but it never worked. Now I am told that Orange has had a power failure in Crissier, which is the reason why their transfer server stopped working, and now my transfer is delayed by "one or two days" (!). That unfortunately means that right now, I cannot receive any calls on my mobile number, even though outgoing calls are possible. So if you're trying to call me on my mobile number, you'll get a strange message for the time being, until the current operator (Sunrise) has worked out what to do. Sorry.

P.S. All is good now ... the wonders of a good night's recovery!

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Anonymous said...

Wie heisst's so schön in der Orange-Werbung: Treue lohnt sich (oder so ähnlich);)

Als ich den Spruch bei orange.ch verifizieren wollte, bekam ich übrigens Folgendes auf der Seite zu lesen: "Unsere Services sind infolge Wartungsarbeiten nicht verfügbar. Wir entschuldigen uns für die Unannehmlichkeiten. Danke für Ihr Verständnis." Da geht wohl gar nix mehr.