Plain Living and High Thinking

After having hunted London high & low for it, I decided to purchase a copy of The Enthusiast online, seeing that you can now pay by Paypal. Today, my copy duely arrived in the mail from Northern Ireland, in a battered, obviously recycled envelope, yet accompanied by friendly salutations.

The first impression is absolutely immaculate: Well produced, nicely typeset (in lead even?), quirky & quaint illustrations & evidently like readers: From a letter to the editor, proposing to reïntroduce extinct opposites such as gruntled, defatigable, gusted, plussed & shevelled. An evidently not so Rough Travel Guide to India , Nepal & Whitstable (all unread as yet). Music recommendations from Takemitsu to progressive house. Here's a quiz for you: Which of the following are artists and which are cheeses? Which are both? - Cellini, Giorgione, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano, Reggiano, Wensleydale, Epoisse, Spenlow, Jorkin, Jarlsberg. Last, but not least: Advertisements & Employment. GENUINE NEW GUINEA PIGS FROM NEW GUINEA, 3 guineas each. Call 0700 NGGP

I think I'll take out a subscription, enthusiastically!

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