All defeats are temporary

Just back from a nice cinema evening watching King Kong with A & R. The place was fairly packed, but not sold out, which does not bode too well for the movie, seeing how it was a Saturday evening show.

Nonetheless, the remake of the 1933 classic is great entertainment in a rather victorian style. Since I haven't seen any trailers before, I was quite surprised at the Jurassic Park-like dinosaur races. Skull island's indigenous were also not of the most appealing sort, which is quite appropriate since their home is a truly god forsaken place full of strange life forms whose only delight seems to consist in being after our stars' hide. There the director took some heavy loans from Mordor in his very own Lord of the Rings. I could be mistaken, but the epic & remarkably revolting struggle against the cavernous lowlife reminded me much of Deathwatch. Also, there were some well placed one liners (see title) as well as an unusual degree of self-reflective sarcasm. Other than War of the Worlds, this remake was certainly worth making.

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