His Steveness

While other corporations are struggling to keep their plattforms just barely operational with urgent & critical security patches, Apple has done it again: It's powering ahead with its innovation-empowering plattform transition to Intel chips, ahead of even its own ambitious schedule, thriving on well above expectations sales, churning out innovative new software along the way. And, incidentally, giving its shareholders reason to gloat also.

There's just one minor thing that I am not happy about: MacBook Pro. What a monster of a mouthful compared to the sleek Powerbook! Mind you, I don't have the slightest issue with the laptop as such (I'd take one in the blink of an eye), it's just that I don't see why Apple should drop such a powerful name. Jobs remarked in his show that "we're done with Power", obviously referring to the demise of the PowerPC chip (not the Pope). But I think that us not-so-geeky PB users have long forgotten about what piece of silicon actually runs our machines, wouldn't you agree?

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Smaran said...

The name isn't that bad. i agree it will take getting used to but otherwise, it's fine. The MacBook. The MacBook. The MacBook. I'm getting the hang of it.