It's the breakfast, stupid!

The discoverer, or host, as he prefers to see himself, of LSD, Albert Hofmann has celebrated his 100th birthday three days ago. Since he lives in the region, he was in the media quite a bit. There is also a Symposium ongoing in his honour. It is incredible to see how a man of 100 years is more vital and intellectually inquisitive than most people half his age! So I guess it's only natural to wonder whether this might have something to do with experimentations with the object of his discovery? No, we're told: It's in the breakfast. Hofmann always has two whisked raw eggs mixed with Birchermüesli for breakfast. Yuk!


Smaran said...

Amen to that... I like a nice hot cheese crossiant with an ice cold coffee down at GB (German Bakery) late in the morning.... What's the point? So what if I don't live till my grandchildren have grandchildren??? Who cares?! I want to enjoy life while I can.

Chris said...

My point exactly (even though I don't exactly understand the concept of a hot cheese croissant)! However, looking at Mr. Hofmann, one does not get the impression that he would be a man to turn down the pleasures that life has on offer for him.

Smaran said...

Oh, hot croissants are the yummiest. I ask them at the bakery to send it up to their grill, so I get this grilled and really tasty cheese croissant.