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First of all, some embarrassing news and an apology: A while ago I activated the comment moderating function in blogger without realising that new comments would require my approval henceforth. Thus a couple of comments got stuck in virtual no man's land, and I was becoming increasingly discouraged by the apparent lack of reader feedback despite of the recent additions in RSS subscriptions (hello there!). But thanks to Simran's intervention (thanks!), all is well now: stuck comments have been freed and you can comment to your heart's delight again!

The really attentive blog reader may have noticed the new flickr tag way down in this log book's sidebar, indicating that I've joined the world of photocasting (yes, even before the impending arrival of iLife '06!) by posting pictures on flickr. RSS readers will either have to come visit the blog occasionally (highly recommended for leaving comments anyway), or go subscribe to the photofeed.

Even more earth moving news is the release of Google Earth, a very fascinating and complex free Geographical Information System. Incidentally, it is also available on the Windows platform.

That's that for now. Oh, one more thing: I got Garageband to run again by simply deleting /Library/Application Support/com.apple.garageband.plist. The reason why I am learning to use Garageband will be the object of a later post.

P.S. There is a known issue with comments on posts dating pre-host move. Those posts will show the html source when viewed individually. This is due to the lack of Apache Multiview support on the new server, and blogger for some reason does not republish each invididual post using the modified template, which now includes an .html ending. Will check with blogger whether there's a non-manual solution to this.

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Joel said...

Garageband - first photocasting and now podcasting, maybe? Will be excited to hear that, Chris!

Google Earth is a great application, but I'm not sure of its applications. After five minutes of whizzing around the world or zooming in on home, I'm at a loss. Google maps probably has more uses, e.g. http://walkjogrun.net