New pool!

Yay! I found yet another new swimming pool, which is quite literally new: it has been reopened after an extensive renovation on January 7, and it's very nice! I am certainly happy about this discovery because I've already become quite cranky for lack of exercise. The best thing, though is that there aren't very many visitors, and, being the egotist that I am, I hope that this will stay that way. Fortunately they are not doing a whole lot of marketing for it, so I only found out about it because of an article in the newspaper. But their online presence is really quite meagre, even though they certainly have a lot of real time information (number of current visitors in map.search for instance, webcam, water temperature, events etc) available in such a completely refurbished & well equipped facility.

In other news, Simran has created a great new title caption for this blog - check it out!


Smaran said...

beautiful pool, rather small though... and indoors! Ich habe Mitleid mit euch Schweizern. Keine Sonne, kaum Strände. ach, was macht ihr im Sommer??

Chris said...

Oh, we do have outdoor pools alright - in winter, they're called ice rinks!