Die Gazette on Macintosh

When I recently took out a subscription of the German Quarterly Die Gazette - Das politische Kulturmagazin, the last thing I expected from this very substantive magazine on politics and culture was an article about the culture of Apple - but there you are (p. 101)! In Wie der Apple sauer wurde (how the apple turned sour), Thomas Zaugg gives us an overview of how the "Macian" attitude went from being poor, beautiful and noble to being cool, affluent and stylish. Naturally, the article also mentions and links to a weird online community about Apple's arch nemesis, Bill Gates. Perhaps, we're all just a little bit addicted and nostalgic, we Macians. And just a little mad, too, if I may add.


Unknown said...

Well seeing that I was living in the heart of it all with a boyfriend at the time in R&D, we saw their flaw of not having any advertising. IF you look back in the 80's and 90's, anything about MAC outside of the silicon valley just didn't exist. It wasn't until they started actually advertising and providing their products mainstream that things started picking up. Of course the mac addicts were those plain geeks that just wanted to be different anyway, however.

Chris said...

Oh, you did! Wow - interesting! I don't understand, though, how those plain geeks, as you describe them, would be able to gather such a cult following - the cult nature of Apple is not such a recent phenomenon, is it.