Bad Palm experience

So, I've moved back to my trusty old Motorola RAZR mobile phone. The experience with the Treo 650 was ... interesting. If it works, it's fine. But unfortunately, that's a really big if. I had it working for a couple of months now. Admittedly I am a heavy user, with lots of apps and stuff on it. That's probably the cause of my trouble: The device became increasingly unstable. So, I was hoping for the system software upgrade to 1.20, which has been posted January 18. But this upgrade is only posted in a Windows installer version, and we're still waiting for the Mac installer, which "should be available shortly" ... we're still waiting. Heavy thumbs down, Palm!

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Anonymous said...

my friend just got the Sony Ericsson w550i, it's beautiful and music playback sounds as good as the music that i hear on my philips music system when using my ipod and itrip to transmit. im back btw chris... but ill be moderating my computer usage now. aaa! its 11 already.... gnight man!