No need for more speed?

Very cool! My ISP has just let me know that they're going to boost my subscription's download speed from 2 Mbit/s to 5 Mbit/s at the same price! Don't we like that - 150% more bang for the same buck! However, the problem is that I am already rather happy with 2 Mbit at this point, so I am actually looking into opting for a downgrade in combination with switching my landline to their VoIP phone offering now. Interesting!


Joel said...

Whilst in New Zealand, it still costs at least 30 Euros a month for a 256kb connection with a 1GB monthly cap! An argument against state monopolies, I think.

Anonymous said...

no! I'm still chocking on a 256k connection here and I see you turning down 5mbps? for what? a voip phone? ever heard of skype? ofcourse you have, we record FOWL over Skype. just so that i can preserve my pride, get that 5mbps connection!

Chris said...

Skype still has occasional quality issues which make it inacceptable for business usage, and it's just not practical to route the entire phone service through my one & only laptop. Also, if I want SkypeIn, the cost advantages go down a lot. So there's still a case for a regular phone, albeit a VoIP one.