Quel bordel!

This title might risk to attract some unsavoury traffic, but it's to the point for yesterday afternoon - I am glad to have made it back! Rather than arriving on Easyjet in Basle yesterday evening at 7pm, I did on trusty Swiss via Zürich at 11pm. Let's just say that Mr. Murphy was having a field day, including a small kerfuffle with an aggressive person who I accidentally pushed when hurrying on a bus. Charles de Gaulle (CDG) is certainly not my airport of preference, especially when you're supposed to reach it via shuttle bus on a Friday afternoon with all Paris heading out of town. Next time, I will go by train.

Otherwise, the stay was a very agreeable one. Seeing & dining L&J at Le Morosophe was great fun as well as delicious, and staying at Hôtel Duret was good. My first public speech in French at Université Paris-Dauphine went surprisingly well. And no, there weren't any issues about student unrests, for Dauphine is a University where students wear ties rather than masks. I used to not like Paris, but now I think that that was due to first impressions that I'm working out of the system now.

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Unknown said...

Well I like the hotel you stayed in. Although I know it wasn't the same as one I stayed in during 2001, one of the rooms looks exactly the same. Funny.

One could only guess that the protests are isolated and not throughout the city. But then again I guessI could have been wrong...