Zürich Apple Store

Did I really have to go to Bucharest to find out that I missed out on this rumour? There's been talk about a Zürich store before, but apparently, it's getting more palpable now. At least, there's an address: Bahnhofstrasse 77.

In other news, I am happy about the internet: The hotel tried to charge me $340 a night at the desk, but going online, I found a quote for $265, and that's including a dinner ...

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Anonymous said...

haha... interesting. just like i hear stuff about my own city via Switzerland. namely mr. judge. about that hundred dollars saved could help an indian child in need of itunes songs and a swimp3 you know! donate to the save the chrilden of qt fund and gain that self respect you've been wanting all those years. hahahahahah... ROFL!