Print your own!

If you still feel the occasional urge to send physical instead of electronic mail, you don't have to keep a stack of stamps around any more. Webstamp enables you to print your own - you can even insert your own pictures into the stamp. The production process is really smooth & simple. The yellow square covers some information bits which represent a valid stamp that I've just printed. Great stuff! The service is free and you get a CHF 5 start credit when you open your account.

However, there are some inconveniences still, which I hope will be amended really soon - we'll see. At least, a very nice lady at Postmail said that product management would look into those suggestions:
  • Whilst the service generally works on Safari, it's obviously not optimised. Most embarrassingly, you cannot recharge your account very comfortably. This is a major issue, of course.
  • I'd like to know precisely what data is coded into that stamp.
  • You are limited to fixed postage amounts, and you are not supposed to put more than one webstamp on any item. This is also a major inconvenience, for instance if you want to send a parcel or an international letter. This needs to be changed with top priority!
  • It would be convenient to be able to keep more than just one picture stored in your account at any time. How about enabling flickr references?

  • My assessment: Great idea, but not unequivocally usable right now.

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