Remember the fifth of November

Having missed the one or two official screenings of V for Vendetta around here, I was forced to gain access to that movie by other means ... and it was very much worth while! V for Vendetta is a rather quirky & sophisticated blend of Zorro and George Orwell's 1984, with some 16th century English history thrown in for good measure. The scene is set in London, which is under totalitarian control of Chancellor (not Prime Minister) Sutler, in the not too distant future, as recurring references to avian flu, terrorist acts and closed tube stations eerily indicate.

It reminded me a little bit of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which I wanted to see again, but it was never shown here. What's wrong with that?!?

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Smaran said...

I would like to see V for Vendetta! I've heard it's a pretty good movie.