Paris, not Texas

Remember that I vowed not to fly to Paris next time? Seeing how I have a lunch appointment there next month, I was afraid I had to do it all the same, until I discovered TGV. OK, admittedly no giant step for mankind, that - but I never travelled by TGV myself. Also, I quite like the fact that I got a first class return ticket for a mere CHF 94, which is really bon marché.

Going to Paris just for lunch might seem slightly out of proportion, but I am looking forward to combining that with the half-yearly meeting of the General Council of the University of Edinburgh, which is held abroad for the second time already, with London being counted as a foreign country from a Scottish perspective ... well, I am certainly looking forward to a reception at the British Embassy in Paris (remember see ivil French revölüshönairies from Blackadder ?) and a Dinner at the Palais du Luxembourg.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this will get you in zé French mood. You know, in preperation auf die Reise.

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Unknown said...

Well... the Palaid du Lux sounds exciting. TGV isn't all that bad, especially if you have work and can do it on the train or have enough time to enjoy the scenary. I enjoyed it when I went in 2003. But I did have a friend to chat with along the way. We started off in Lausanne.