Dreyer, deploy the armament!

These were - allegedly - the words of Admiral Jellicoe to his then Captain Dreyer (the late Admiral Sir Frederic Charles Dreyer), which gave an important turn to events in the WWI Battle of Jutland.

Yours truly of course was entirely unaware of his prominent namesake (no relation), until that sad state of affairs was corrected by DD - a strong case in point for not expecting much in terms of knowledge of naval history from a citizen of a landlocked nation. So I guess I deserve all the friendly fire I am getting ever since!

This is the rather long-winded explanation for why I was happy about the opportunity to learn more by visiting the Ghosts of Jutland Exhibition currently on display on HMS Belfast on the occasion of the battle's 90th anniversary. The small commemorative exhibition is rather impressive, especially in that environment. Being on that ship reminded me that I'd always been fascinated by the Navy as a kid. What you're not so much aware of as a kid is the fact that such battleships, however powerful and impressive they may appear, can be swallowed by the ocean and literally disappear from the face of the earth with their crew within minutes. The ghosts of Jutland are still in the Skagerrak ... and tourists such as I complain about hitting their shins on HMS Belfast.

P.S. I knew all along that there was something wrong with the title! The command in question actually was: Dreyer, commence the deployment! Sounds much better, doesn't it.

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