A square foot of Picasso, please!

Wired is really cool - I wonder how they keep digging up their stories. Check out this one about David Galenson, an economist who developed two different types of genius, the conceptual innovator who tends to come forward with brash innovations early on while the experimental innovator proceeds by trial & error, thus takes more time to mature. And how did he get to that? The economist way - by plotting price charts of works of art against the artist's age!

Cheekily, Wired even steals the generic creativity excuse by means of a very nice moral of the story: Of course, not every unaccomplished 65-year-old is some undiscovered experimental innovator. This is a universal theory of creativity, not a Viagra for sagging baby boomer self-esteem. It?s no justification for laziness or procrastination or indifference. But it might bolster the resolve of the relentlessly curious, the constantly tinkering, the dedicated tortoises undaunted by the blur of the hares.

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