Back to Finland!

Thanks to a generous contract renewal offer at my mobile phone service provider, I replaced my trusty old Motorola RAZR with a shiny new Nokia 6280 for "free" and, boy, is this thing choke full of features! It almost seems like I've jumped over a decade of evolution here, but no, it's "just" two years ...

To pimp up the phone, I also ordered a massive 2GB MiniSD card for a measly 80 Swissies. Amazing!list.blogug.ch


The Big Finn said...

VIVA, Suomi!

Joel said...

I wish you better luck with your 6280. I'm on my second one: it crashes whenever it spots an unfamiliar word in a text, doesn't support the more interesting Symbian applications and needs recharging every day.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... I expect things have improved since mine was made.