Ode to Istanbul taxidrivers

The Istanbul taxidriver is a virtuoso with his vehicle. He studiously reads the traffic's score & adjusts to the road's vagaries in his trajectory. Like an organ player interpreting Bach's Toccata con Fuga, he would happily apply his full person in controlling the wheel, the gear and pedals. He seldomly engages the brakes, but would rather use the hooter & the accelerator in its stead. Despite of the full road orchestra's din, he maintains his focus on his part by listening to Turkish pop music blaring from his radio.

His masterly performance can be seen during each rush hour for just a few yenteli. Sit back in awe and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

One of the things that impressed me in Istanbul last year was the traffic. There were so few traffic lights but somehow drivers understood each other. They just had to signal with their hand and push their way amidst other cars. There was a kind of local oriental flavor.

Filip (Topics 192)

Chris said...

Hello filip, and welcome to the original blog!

Yes indeed, it is fascinating to observe how the flow just rolls. I need to add that during my stay I didn't see a single accident, and cars generally appeared less dented than in Paris, for instance.

But you're right, there's definitely an oriental flavour to it. Which, incidentally, I also got a little bit in Sofia when I was there last year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris!
Lack of accidents is exactly what I noticed too. I've never been to Paris, but I imagine it somewhat like Rome. For sure, Istanbul is a remarkable city.