Best of 2006

I don't like year-end reviews, but for this one, I'll make an exception. First, because it's made by my preferred German language daily newspaper, and second because it's in a 7x12 matrix format. I like tables! The rows are German literature, foreign literature, history, contemporary analysis / philosophy, art, architecture & design, art music, on stage, movies, pop & jazz, institutions, people and the columns contain evaluations exceptional, classical, surprising, rediscovered, avant-garde, funny, annoying.

I am not sure whether I should be pleased or disconcerted about the fact that several of the tabled items have been discussed on this blog during the year ... at any rate, Happy New Year to you & your family, dear Reader, and thanks for all your comments and contributions during the past year!

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Smaran said...

Thanks, Chris! Happy new year to you too!

I just got back from an extremely large and enjoyable party at the OCI.