Fondue is one of, if not the single most stereotypical dish of Switzerland, as gauged by the probability with which it would feature on the menu of a touristy restaurant in summer (It's never eaten in summer - ever!). What's the most surprising about it is that I love it! Here's a fairly good recipe for it - but make sure to use only Swiss cheese, it's just not authentic otherwise (or so I am told by the local cheese industry).

As it is winter in the northern hemisphere now, this is the season for fondue, so we've had some yesterday. But it was a fondue with a twist; a twist that I heavily recommend. If you've never had a fondue, then try the recipe mentioned above first.

Now that you're a seasoned cheese soup eater (remember the rules: if you loose your bread in the fondue, you have to sing a song or do something else embarrassing), you can go for the twist - a morel fondue! Prepare by soaking 40 grams of dried morels in a 50/50 mix of milk & water for two hours. Then, instead of using Kirsch according to the recipe, use the same quantity of brandy and add the morels (without the water!) to the fondue when the last cheese lumps are gone.



The Big Finn said...

I like your twist with the morels. We'll have to try that.

Now, I know that fondue is never eaten in summer, but I do notice that fondue mix is available for purchase at Coop all year. I've often thought that an outdoor fondue on a cool summer evening would be nice. We've never done it, but I think next summer may be THE summer. Why not?

Anonymous said...

Interesting recipe (yours, not the link! I've seen better recipes!). Still, I prefer raclette over fondue. You know, that other Swiss ational dish!