Nuclear chocolate

If you follow my business blog, you're aware that I've spent the last two days in Brussels. While the weather was miserable, everything else was very good: I was the first ever non-member guest to the FEE annual dinner which was held at the recently reopened Atomium, which was a great honour. And no, there wasn't any polonium on the menu, thank you.

Then, after the conference, I spent too much money on Belgian chocolate. Have a look at the flickr gallery for some pics. Galler's Kaori is incredibly imaginative, and delicious. Culinary calligraphy - awesome! Equally fanciful, and in keeping with the nuclear theme, is Pierre Marcolini's winter collection Molecule de Chocolat. It's a pity though that Belgian chocolatiers are running circles around their Swiss competitors these days - I guess they've just become too inert.

P.S. For more entertaining references to nucelar, erm, nuclear food & weaponry, check out this week's The Now Show.

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