To Hydra by hydrofoil

Following a friend's recommendation, my first conference-free day in Athens was spent out of town: I took the hydrofoil to get to the Aegean Mirtoan island of Hydra. That was two firsts rolled in one: I never rode a hydrofoil before, and I never was on a Greek island either. Hydra is very scenic, but the claim that there are no cars there is a sham - I saw them! All three of them ... nevertheless, apart from garbage disposal, everything else is transported on donkey's backs. Not that anything else would be possible, given the extreme narrowness of the "streets". So, I just spent a pleasant few hours walking about, taking pictures and having an excellent lunch of freshly caught squid & greek salad (what else?) at the Ostria Café. My new Shuffle was providing the soundtrack all along, and still is after more than 12 hours on a single charge!

Tomorrow will be dedicated to sightseeing (Akropolis, here we come!) / shopping, and on Sunday, the Monastiraki flea market will have caught my attention before I have to leave this great place again.

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