Global warming

What with the raging debate about man made global warming and all its derivative industry pro & con, I am still trying to get my head around it, although I must admit that I am growing increasingly weary about the blatantly partisan direction that the debate is taking. Channel 4's The Great Global Warming Swindle takes a refreshingly contrarian position: it not just questions the economics of counter measures (it barely does, in fact), but it goes so far as to question the received wisdom that global warming is scientifically proven (yes, yes ...) to be man made. It offers alternative explanations for unquestioned climatic variability (unsurprisingly, the sun), plus a set of more or less obvious conspiracy theories. Well worth watching for every open minded contrarian.


The Big Finn said...

Chris - Thanks for posting this program. I missed it last week, and I'm glad that you enabled me to watch it.

Joel said...

I know you like the push and shove over this debate, so you might find this interesting (skip down to 'still in hot denial'), plus George's inevitable response.

Chris said...

Ah, that's where you got me wrong! I don't really like the push & shove, but what I dislike even more is to be presented with an "inconvenient truth" when that "truth" is not really beyond doubt. I prefer to be provided with the degree of uncertainty that said truth may be wrong ... but thanks for those links! That looks very interesting, once I get past the registration.