Across the pond

Thanks to a weekend meeting in Washington D.C., I had the opportunity of testing Lufthansa's First Class service today - on a miles upgrade, mind you. As you can see from the picture, the Frankfurt lounge is really great: stylish, spacious, quiet - everything the discerning traveller looks for.

But the key part is the flight, of course. This was the first time I flew on the upper deck of a 747-400. With its 16 seats and the secluded cabin impression, it creates a very clubby atmosphere. There's also a big difference in noise to the usual front seats in single deck planes. So, the travelling experience is very comfortable indeed. The staff was very attentive and friendly, but they weren't quite as smooth as the only other FC experience I've had to date - Swiss. Definitely not up to Swiss standards was the very Haute Cuisine (36000 feet). The fish was slightly overdone, the rest quite uninspired. I've had better. But let's see how they'll perform on the overnight flight back - I'll have the same crew apparently. Oh, and someone send the copilot to an English course! He's obviously able to handle an aircraft, but I am not so sure about polite English.


Joel said...

"polite English" - do you mean he was bloody swearing?!

BA's business class cabin on the upper deck of the 747 is a very comfortably, intimate environment, especially compared with the dormitory-like cabin on the 777. I wasn't overimpressed by their first class experience, which seemed rather aloof. It would be very hard to justify the expense on one's own money, unless a good deal can be found.

Did you use the Lufthansa exclusive lounge with the car to the plane? I'm trying the new Virgin Upper Class in a couple of weeks, shall report back.

Chris said...

Not quite swearing, but you got the feeling that that was certainly not beyond him. ;)

As for the car to the plane - I knew there was something missing! What's your best first class experience to date?