Anarchist!!! ... Cleaner!!!

This is cool! Katharina Zaugg, my former cleaner is becoming an outright star! She is an ethnology graduate and has her own operation, complete with cleaning school, publishing house (she has already published three books) and performances (where she is known to dance with brooms!). Today, she's had a big show on national public radio DRS 2 - you can listen in on it here. I guess I should have taken an equity stake in the early days ...

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Smaran said...

Speaking of cleaners, mine wields some amount of political influence. Her brother is the local elected leader. If only she'd make him fix the roads or demand a larger traffic police presence. Or set up a sensitivity training program for all citizens. *sigh*

If he actually had any of that in mind, as I do, he probably wouldn't have been elected in the first place.