Interesting! Swiss / Lufthansa have started a partnership to offset carbon emissions from air travel. To offset the 342 kg of CO2 produced by my forthcoming trip to Ireland will cost CHF 11, for instance. A trip to London is CHF 9. Good stuff - never since the days of indulgences was a clear conscience attainable for less! Too bad that the indulgence cannot be added at the point of sales directly - that is going to be the next step in the sales cooperation, I guess.

Therefore, in the spirit of Sir Charles Napier's immortal pun, let's keep sining!


Claudia said...

I think it's great that airlines are starting to do things to cut emissions. And maybe we will get lucky and see a break in ticket prices. Until then, keep checking for sales-- Lufthansa is actually having one right now!

The Big Finn said...

I purchased the carbon offsets for my wife and I on our recent easyJet flights between Basel and Alicante. I think it cost something like CHF 14 and I was able to purchase the offsets right when buying the tickets.
I roasted in the Spanish sunshine with a clear conscience.