The Two of Us

My niece's new album is out: The Two of Us on her very own label Polly Maggoo Records. I think her style might be classified as punk rock, but I could be wrong, of course (I most probably am, anyway). I admit, I am struggling to get my auditory canals around it, which is not surprising as our tastes in music were always quite different. But this album is different somehow. Whereas I hitherto used to dismiss Lili's music as art of noise with barely any discernible structure (to me!), here she goes and produces something that is almost close to melodic! She ends the album in a rather chamber music inspired mood With a picture - genius! A pity it's not on her MySpace ...

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Unknown said...

Dear Uncle Chris,

Your "Art of Noise" and the "almost close to" in "almost close to melodic" actually are very nice compliments to me ! Thanks for reacting and hey, I still need to burn you a compilation of Can, Faust, Cluster, Neu etc.

I sense our musical tastes could cross in... Krautrock !

Greetings from Paris,