Global manners

The latest issue of Monocle has a fun little Global Guide to Business Etiquette travelling along in its sleeve. With its only 25 hints covering the globe, it may not be all that useful, but it is certainly well done and caters to a number of national stereotypes.


Joel said...

A nice piece of branding for Star Alliance.

As I prepare to head off for another trip around the Middle East, a couple of things I've learnt this year:

1. If you want someone to turn up at the appointed hour, agree to meet at 'English Time'. Otherwise you'll be left hanging.

2. In the Arab world, some women are unwilling to be touched by a man who is not a family member. Wait to be offered their hand.

3. When eating at a Lebanese restaurant, never make the mistake of thinking the salad is the only part of the meal. You'll have a plate of unidentified meat arriving once you've scoffed the hummus.

Smaran said...

The observations regarding Indian behaviour/etiquette are spot on. In most cases, you are not going to get a "No, that's unacceptable."