Google babble

With the new version 2.2 of its operating system, iBonePhone (that's my new wallpaper btw) has finally become a rock-solid, dependable everyday tool that does everything (& more) and is genuinely fun to use. The battery survives a full day of heavy use now, it doesn't crash, no dropped calls to date, the handling is responsive and smooth, and each day, you discover new things to do with it. Just check out the Google Mobile app, for instance: start it, lift it to your ear, state your search terms and listen to a soft babble for a few moments while Google does its thing until you're presented with the results for your query. The babble - it's just this sort of attention for minute, apparently superfluous detail that makes using it such an enjoyable experience. For my next trip to London on Wednesday, I'm not taking a laptop - enough said. 


Smaran said...

I updated my Touch to 2.2 a few days ago. I don't understand why they still haven't added proper podcasting functionality (ie. auto-updating of podcast feeds and downloading of new eps--what iTunes does). I'd like not to have to connect my iPod to my computer every day. They went half-way and added a podcasts section to the Wi-Fi store, from where you can manually download new eps, but that's a pain and surprisingly unintuitive for an Apple product.

Speaking of wallpapers, I've got a hung-over Domo-kun as my wallpaper. :D

Chris said...

You're definitely right about that half-baked feature from the user perspective. But I'm fairly confident (call me a trusting fanboy) that there are engineering issues with implementing it fully.

jane said...

belated perhaps... i have been enterteained by my iPhone for a week now. the start was frustrating for a bit, luddite that i am i went direct to "fingertips" to start up and was told to download iTunes as step 1. Aha!! step 1 could be "note the cute graphic using the recycled paper-clip, that's the simcard being inserted" (looks obvious now...) Tell me i'm not the only first time iPhone user who failed this basic set up step initially... i'm about to upgrade my laptop for home use, why wouldn't i get a Promac? haven't you recently defected to the Dark Side? if so, why?
As to the wallpaper, our correspondent from under-the-rock has managed to take some phtotgraphs and now has a beautiful winter sunrise with cirrocumulus. yay!

Chris said...

Jane, great to see you here! And even better to hear that you've joined the iPhone crowd - way to go!

Me, defecting to the Dark Side? What on earth makes you think that? Pigs would fly ... but then, with today's flu forecasts ... but you definitely should get a Mac, especially for the luddite in you: they're much more intuitive to handle than any other product out there.