Une soirée au salon bleu

After far too long an absence, I was lucky to be invited to yesterday's Salon Bleu. This is a chamber art format curated by Claudia Sutter, aka Madame Bleu, who also plays the piano. Yesterday's instalment Es war einmal was war was all about the language of symbols, interwoven with piano and violin music by Brahms, Carlo Bonferroni, Kurtag and Kreisler. The violin was played by my friend and teacher Claudia Dora. The programme was an intense progression of lyric poetry and short texts by Claudia Sutter herself, Walter Muschg, Hauff, Zweig and others with the musical choreography tailored to Claudia Sutter's captivating recital.

The Salon is a unique experience because, much like its 19th century bourgeois predecessors, it takes place in Madame Bleu's very own living room with an audience of no more than 20. Due to that intimate setting, a close and personal engagement with the high art on offer is virtually inescapable. Don't miss it if you have the opportunity to go!